IDE for Data Science

Architect is an integrated development environment (IDE) that focuses specifically on the needs of the data scientist. All data science tasks from analyzing data to writing reports can be performed in a single environment with a common logic. It includes an integrated R console, an integrated object browser and data viewer, and tools for plotting, repository management, package development, workspace management and debugging. Since data science is a complex field where many technologies and languages meet, Architect has been fully embedded in the Eclipse ecosystem. As a consequence Architect can be used to

  • work in R, Python, Julia, Scala, C++ etc.
  • manage servers in the cloud (AWS and Azure)
  • monitor jobs on remote HPC systems
  • connect to relational and NoSQL data bases
  • manage Docker infrastructure and
  • supports many more common tasks a data scientist encounters.

Architect is fully open source, and available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Sources can be found on Github.